Customer Reviews

12 April 2024  |  Louis

Wonderful instrument! Good service, no complaints!

05 March 2024  |  Oleksii

Great product. meets all expectations. Fast delivery.

12 February 2024  |  Paul

These are ultra soft strings with a good sustain. The most playable I have ever used. Ideal if you have arthritis, as I have.

12 November 2023  |  Lucy

I’m delighted with this instrument. It has a great tone, is great to play, and looks good. I’d recommend getting the spike adaptor kit if you want to sit down to play at all. For the price it’s unbelievable quality.

Excellent service from the Bass Centre.

06 June 2023  |  John

This strap is amazing for playing your NS Design instrument, keeps the instrument stable, and really allows you to feel free and in control. Better than the Boomerang strap! Couldn't get these in USA — sold out everywhere — glad Bass Centre had me covered.

11 April 2023  |  Pat

I tried a set of 11's on my BMG Rhapsody and was so impressed with the tone and feel that I asked the Acoustic Centre to send me 12 sets so that I can use them with all of my acoustics on our upcoming European tour.

01 October 2021  |  Stephen

I bought the WAV4 as a new string to my bass guitar playing. I also bought it after recently buying the WAV4 violin (the instrument I learnt for 11 years as a kid) and being suitably impressed by it’s design, playability and sound. After getting to grips with the larger string length and spacing, I find the WAV4 solidly built. I’m only plucking and so have had the pickup in pizz. mode only, which gives a rich, full tone with a significant sustain. It has a low action that suits me, but I think may need to be modified if you wish to play slap (which can be easily done by raising the bridge). The position markers are particularly useful for a beginner to the instrument.
As for the Bass Centre, well they delivered as they said with no fuss.

08 January 2021  |  Martin

I had a second hand NXT5 which didn't come with a suitable case, so I called The Bass Centre and pinned down the right one to order. Good communications, no issues with payment or delivery.

Naturally it hasn't gone anywhere due to the lack of gigs, but the time will come....

25 October 2020  |  Paul

Perfect! Thank you!

25 October 2020  |  Paul

Best and friendly service! I‘ll come back to you for sure.

10 October 2020  |  Martin

Rapid delivery, allbeit done in a somewhat cavalier manner by UPS. The bass is superb, the set up was good, the sounds are amazing! The strings are reminiscent of Thomastik Superflexibles. Will just have to get used to the extra B string, a work in progress.

Thank you Barry and The Bass Centre.

04 September 2020  |  Robrecht

At noon, I received the NS CR5 and I am thrilled. The bass pizz sound is great (fantastic with the extra F-string) and even the arco sound is good. Now I’ll start experimenting with other sounds! Awesome!

21 May 2020  |  Iain

I bought a WAV 5-string EUB and loved it from the moment I started playing it. I have not altered the action at all as it's pretty much perfect for me. I play it through a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ as a pre-amp and the sound is amazing. This is the first EUB I have used and can highly recommend it.

Big thanks also to Barry at the Bass Centre for his help and advice.

23 August 2019  |  Stephen

It took a long time to arrive because it was a rather special instrument, but in the end it was worth waiting for. Very good service and follow-up from The Bass Centre, and excellent value for this instrument compared to others offering the same.

20 June 2019  |  Stephen

Very pleased with the quick and efficient service - the delivery to the Netherlands was very fast. Price was also good, and lower than other companies. So I am very pleased with the purchase.

04 July 2018  |  Andreas

The strings sound great and they fit perfectly on my Landscape upright bass. I will definitely buy them again! I also give 5 STARS for the customer-friendly service of Bass Centre!

12 February 2018  |  Linda

Bought for my son who says it’s much better than the original stand in its solidity, yet giving him freedom of movement. He’s really impressed.

06 December 2017  |  Simon

The title says it all, really!

26 August 2016  |  Miguel

Hi, Gill. I received the bass last Wednesday... the cardboard box had a little bend in it but I checked everything out and nothing was wrong.

It feels superb and sounds spectacular. I need to get used to the lack of body, raise the bridge some, and think about alternative strings (these D'Addarios feel too electric bass-like).

The pickups and volume/tone setup is super sweet. The construction is premium; not only can I see it, I can feel it. I chose right. Thanks for all your help.

28 January 2016  |  Richard

Electric violins are a new area for me. After some research, I felt an NS would be best due to its size, design, easy stringing, tuning stability, and overall build/sound quality.

Barry at TAC was extremely helpful in answering my questions.

I can say that I am very pleased indeed with the violin. Although a 'passive' instrument, it plugs straight into the microphone socket on my keyboard & the amplified sound is great, as is the tone control. I am able to obtain tones which range from traditional classic to folk.

The only downside is the shoulder rest... getting it into a comfortable position is fairly straightforward. However, whatever I do, the rest persists in moving when I'm playing.

Anyone at TAC got any ideas about how to put this right? If it wasn't for that, I would have given this a 5 star review as the violin itself certainly deserves it.

18 January 2016  |  Richard

Many thanks to Barry for his useful, interesting & friendly advice. Much appreciated by a fellow music lover!

08 June 2015  |  Christian

A nice electric cello, beautifully made and seems to work. Too soon to comment on its sound quality but early indications are very favourable. The Bass Centre were very helpful and the unit all packed and delivered quickly. Thank you.

04 May 2015  |  Clive

Very convincing cello sound. Easier to play than my acoustic cello (I think that's because there are no natural resonances to fight against). Slight disappointment that the finish lacks the brightness of the catalogue photos, but a bit of wax polish may remedy that. Much, much, better (for sound and for noise-free electronics) than a Yamaha that I tried recently. Overall, I'm very pleased with it.

20 February 2015  |  Lynda

Excellent instrument - very well constructed and lovely to listen to. Lots of potential for creating interesting backing to our next Tan Yows CD.

Also excellent service from The Bass Centre - thanks!

14 February 2015  |  Hubert

Hello from France, and again, please excuse my bad English!

I bought this NS design NXT-5 (five strings). A very beautiful and well done electric upright bass.
The build quality is excellent!

I don't have to do any more settings, probably already check, the neck is very good like the action of the strings (perfect adjustment for me), very easy to play. I'm very suprised by the play-ability.... just plug and play

The included soft cover (gig bag) and tripod stand is good too, very practical and solid. In my opinion, the NS Contemporary strings (which are light gauge) seems a bit too "electric bass-sounding" for me, and need to be replaced with traditional strings for more "upright sounding".

So a very good value for the price. I love it

I'm also really really pleased by the seriousness of The Bass Centre. Thank you guys, a pleasure to deal with you. I bought the NXT-5 on a Sunday on the internet site and I recieved it, at home in France, on the Wednesday !!! super fast and well packed !!!!

Bye and, again, thanks to the team of Bass Centre.


Pour les Francais...

Un très bon instrument, belle fintion, réglage d'origine parfait pour moi. Un très bon son autant à l'archet qu 'au doight (cordes d'origine à changer pour un son de contrebasse « plus traditionnel » Livraison en france gratuite et super rapide : en 3 jours! Livré avec housse et stand tripod, solide et pratique.

Un grand merci Ă  l'Ă©quipe de bass center, super serieux!

15 January 2015  |  Hubert

Hello from France (so excuse my bad English)... I just want to thank you for your serious professionalism.

I ordered a NS Design NXT-5 on Sunday on your website, and received it on Wednesday at home in France (3 days after!).

SUPER FAST!!! Thanks a lot.

Everything's fine and the NXT-5 is a beautiful and very good instrument. All settings just fine, just plug and play.

04 October 2014  |  Andrew

I play lots of styles in lots of bands and have used guitars, upright basses and even U-Basses but, lately, have found myself in a difficult position. Having moved on to a five-string bass guitar for general use, I've found it increasingly difficult to transfer songs onto the 4-stringed upright or U-Bass for 'acoustic' gigs.

Enter the NXT5!

At last, a 5 string bass instrument with the scale-length, action and speed of a guitar but with the looks and style needed for 'acoustic' gigs!

At such a relatively low price I wasn't expecting the build quality or sound NS have delivered! The sound is beautifully balanced - even down to the low B string - and the simple controls actually give a full range of really useful tones. The tight radius at the bridge end means that you can use a bow although I haven't tried that yet.

If you need a portable alternative to an upright acoustic bass, need bowed sounds or just want to look super-cool, give the NS basses a try-out!

06 November 2013  |  SPH

I ordered this stand for my upright bass and it is perfect. Delivery was done within 2 weeks, in my case.

The stand is easy to set up and has a very solid construction. If you don't need to move around while playing, this is the stand to have.

27 July 2013  |  Gerard

This stand is a must-have for anyone wanting to swtch between a normal electric bass and the Omni Bass (or whichever NS Design bass you have).

It's easy to set up and fully adjustable to your needs. I tend to move about when I play and it remains solid until I give it some welly. Even then it doesn't give you any cause for concern as it settles back quickly.

One thing I have noticed after gigs is that people still comment on the bass itself, so if you like to show off your NS Design instrument, the stand doesn't detract from the interest you get when you have the Boomerang strap.

If I was to have anything to complain about it is the weight it adds when carrying in a gig bag but, if you slot your fingers into the ring at the bottom of the shoulder strap, then it isn't an issue when walking a distance to the venue.

If you need this item immediately then be prepared to be disappointed, it took four weeks to deliver the stand to me. But, if like me, you waited three months for the bass, then it shouldn't be a problem as you are probably a patient person.

13 June 2012  |  Christopher

A fabulous bass. I have been gigging every week for over two years with this bass and it always receives complementary comments for its sound and looks. The supplied gig bag and stand were not of very good quality... the original gig bag split after one week's use, so The Bass Centre sent a replacement gig bag free of charge, which was of far superior quality. The top of the original stand sheared off recently so I decided to upgrade to the more expensive stand, which is standard equipment for the CR bass. The Bass Centre gave me a good deal on the new stand. The NXT is a great bass so maybe think about upgrading to the superior stand when purchasing.

02 July 2010  |  Andrew

Brilliant for being on stage. Would have rated 5 stars if the yoke which acts as a hanger when attached to the tripod stand had been included, but this had to be obtained separately.

02 July 2010  |  Andrew

This is a wonderful instrument with fantastic sounds. It has taken a little time to get used to it but as my technique improves, so the results get better and better, and I'm sure will continue to reward for many years to come.

The instrument is beautifully made and it's a pity that the same couldn't be said about the tripod stand. The one that arrived with mine was flimsy and damaged. However, following a phone call to the Bass Centre, a new, more substantial one arrived within two days. Excellent service to complement an excellent product. Despite the stand, I still rate the bass with five stars and thoroughly recommend it as representing excellent value for money.

03 January 2010  |  Ian

Good price and next day delivery - Excellent!!

NS Bass Endpin stand is good quality and well designed with plenty of adjustment.