NSFW610 Contemporary Double Bass Strings

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NSFW610 Contemporary Double Bass strings features a solid steel core with a flatwound construction and deliver a full, powerful sound with a brighter tone and lower tension than the NS610 Traditional Double Bass Set.

Solid steel core strings play with a sound that is more projected, focused, and clearer than that of gut or synthetic core materials. These have the longest lifetime of any type of string, due to the stability, strength, resilience and durability of the core's structure.

  • Groundbreaking core technology pioneered by D'Addario
  • For 3/4 scale basses with a playing length of 106mm (41 3/4")
  • NS standard double bass string length (46.5″ wound, 54″ overall) 
  • Medium tension
  • Regular bass tuning G-D-A-E (high to low, in 4ths) with single Low B and High C strings available
  • NS standard fit
  • Fast, flexible, and responsive bow response
  • Solid steel core provides optimum playability with a bright, modern tone
  • Rich acoustic sound
  • Works with magnetic and piezo pickup systems
  • All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, the D'Addario Electric Contemporary Bass strings are designed to enhance the expressive range of tone for even the most discerning players. These electric bass strings are made specifically for NS-designed electric instruments, but can also be used on acoustic instruments.

NS Electric Contemporary Double Bass Strings (NSFW610) • Playing Length = 1060mm / 41.75"
Individual String Note Core Winding Tension (lbs)
NSFW611 G Solid Steel Nickel 58
NSFW612 D Solid Steel Nickel 58
NSFW613 A Solid Steel Stainless Steel 50.7
NSFW614 E Solid Steel Stainless Steel 48.5
NSFW616 Low B Solid Steel Stainless Steel 49
NSFW617 High C Solid Steel Nickel 52.5

CR Series

Sophisticated and versatile instruments, built to deliver outstanding performance.

NXTa Series

Featuring innovative, custom built, high performance, battery-free active electronics.

WAV Series

Affordable passive instruments featuring NS Design's Polar™ Pickup System.

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