Is your favourite instrument in need of some TLC?

We have an in-house guitar tech, with 40 years experience, and a very quick turn around time. 

Basic Set-Up

This includes all bridge, truss-rod, top-nut and pickup adjustments for optimum performance. The whole instrument including the electrics will be checked and cleaned. New strings, batteries etc.. fitted if required (not included in the price.)

Full Set-Up (Recommended)

Most instruments will need their frets levelled (stoned) from time to time as they become scratched and pitted with use. Fret height may also become uneven because of fingerboard swell or shrinkage. Having the frets levelled can make a huge difference to the overall playability of the guitar. Once the frets are levelled, crowned and polished all the features of basic set-up detailed above are carried out.


When frets become too worn or flat, or if a different shape or size would be preferred it’s time for a refret. A large choice of fretwire is available and when fitted the instrument is fully set-up. Prices will vary as some jobs require a lot more work than others. For example a bound neck needs much more fingerboard preparation than an unbound, and a maple fingerboard may require refinishing.

Pickup Installation

A vast range of replacement pickups is available for acoustic guitar. Many can be fitted simply and often while you wait. Some may require routing and wiring modifications.


Whether it’s old and scratchy pots, bad connections, active circuit or pickup problems that are keeping a guitar from performing the way it could, there’s no reason why it can’t be put right. Custom wiring, active circuitry and pickup rewinds are also available.


Although we don’t do any major refinishing on the premises, we can arrange resprays with various sprayshops around the country. Who we use depends on the kind of finish needed.