NS Design CR Tripod Stand
NS Design CR Tripod Stand
NS Design CR Tripod Stand
NS Design CR Tripod Stand

NS Design CR Tripod Stand

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The CR Tripod Stand - standard equipment with EU/CR Series instruments - provides ultra-stable support for the NS Cello or Double Bass and is offered as an optional performance system for the Omni Bass.

The durable steel construction and comprehensive height and tilt adjustments allow the player to select the ideal position, seated or standing, either set at a traditional acoustic-like orientation or in unconventional positions, including horizontally.

The unique design features individually positionable legs to customize the angle of the stand's main post for ultimate versatility and a rugged, all-metal construction that makes it a significant upgrade to the stand supplied with NXT/WAV models.

Weighing 3.6kg (8lb), the stand easily folds for storage in the instrument's gig bag or flight case.

NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing, with all Double Bass, Cello and Omni Bass models sharing a universal screw mount that is compatible with a variety of ground-breaking interchangeable stand and strap systems.

In addition, using the End Pin Stand Conversion Kit, the CR Tripod Stand can be used in conjunction with the CR End Pin Stand to "park" the instrument for maximum flexibility, support & performance freedom (this configuration cannot be used with the NXT Tripod Stand).

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5 Reviews:

Excellent stand
24 April 2024  | 

A very good stand, much better as the original NS stand. Especially very stable when playing. It was quite a shock upon delivery. The stand had a good price plus £30 shipping costs but I live in Holland (outside the UK) so that's why I had to pay €71 for import and customs fees upon delivery. That is since brexit. It therefore became an expensive standard for me. That's why I want to give The Bass Centre the advice to mention this on the website if a product is ordered outside the UK.


Information for EU customers concerning payment of local VAT, import duty, and clearance charges is provided on our customer support page

12 February 2018  | 

Bought for my son who says it’s much better than the original stand in its solidity, yet giving him freedom of movement. He’s really impressed.

It came quickly & worked
06 December 2017  | 

The title says it all, really!

Does exactly what it should...
06 November 2013  | 

I ordered this stand for my upright bass and it is perfect. Delivery was done within 2 weeks, in my case.

The stand is easy to set up and has a very solid construction. If you don't need to move around while playing, this is the stand to have.

NS Design Tripod Stand
27 July 2013  | 

This stand is a must-have for anyone wanting to swtch between a normal electric bass and the Omni Bass (or whichever NS Design bass you have).

It's easy to set up and fully adjustable to your needs. I tend to move about when I play and it remains solid until I give it some welly. Even then it doesn't give you any cause for concern as it settles back quickly.

One thing I have noticed after gigs is that people still comment on the bass itself, so if you like to show off your NS Design instrument, the stand doesn't detract from the interest you get when you have the Boomerang strap.

If I was to have anything to complain about it is the weight it adds when carrying in a gig bag but, if you slot your fingers into the ring at the bottom of the shoulder strap, then it isn't an issue when walking a distance to the venue.

If you need this item immediately then be prepared to be disappointed, it took four weeks to deliver the stand to me. But, if like me, you waited three months for the bass, then it shouldn't be a problem as you are probably a patient person.