The World's Most Advanced Electric Upright Bass

NS Design was founded in 1990 by award winning instrument designer Ned Steinberger to design and produce modern bowed instruments that truly advance the state of the art; the result is a superior range of unabashed, pure-bred solid body electrics that blend bleeding-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to meet the needs of an evolving and constantly growing musical community of touring professionals and recording artists.

The NS electric upright bass was Ned Steinberger's first commercially released concert instrument concept. An instant hit with bass players across the globe, the landmark design has remained a consistent best seller for over a quarter century and is today represented by a wide selection of attractively priced models in four, five and six string configurations.

Combining matchless build quality, clean aesthetics and excellent playability with a choice of advanced onboard electronics and pickup systems uniquely suited to amplifying the nuances of both arco and pizzicato techniques, the NS range provides double bassists with a supremely versatile, compact, portable instrument that delivers a convincingly traditional tone as well as the capacity to unleash a savagely modern electric bass sound.

Versatility without Compromise

Originating with the flagship EU upright bass with its cutting edge ergonomics and sound shaping, the current line also includes the sophisticated, full-featured CR, CRM and CRT models with active electronics and onboard mixer, the new NXTa Series featuring battery-free, active output electronics, and the most affordable model, the high performance WAV double bass.

In addition, several different interchangeable stand and strap systems are available for the NS bass, allowing players to use the instrument in virtually any playing position, further enhancing their freedom of expression and allowing them complete mobility in any performance environment.

NS Design Artists

Over the years, we have supplied NS double basses to a hugely diverse range of UK based pro musicians including Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton, Andy Fairweather-Low), session legend Trevor Barry, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai, Annie Lennox), Geoff Gascoyne (Jamie Cullen, Van Morrison), John Thompson (Mica Paris, Soul II Soul), Adrian Stout (The Tiger Lillies), Patrick Wreford (Electric Swing Circus) and Neil Fairclough (Brian May, Queen + Adam Lambert).

Dave Bronze
Eric Clapton • Andy Fairweather-Low
Trevor Barry
UK Session Legend
Paul Turner
Jamiroquai • Annie Lennox
Geoff Gascoyne
Jamie Cullen • Van Morrison
John Thompson
Mica Paris • Soul II Soul
Adrian Stout
The Tiger Lillies
Patrick Wreford
Electric Swing Circus
Neil Fairclough
Queen + Adam Lambert
John Regan
Peter Frampton • Ace Frehley
Tony Levin
King Crimson • Peter Gabriel
Brittany Frompovich
Solo Artist • Educator
Chris Wyse
The Cult • Owl • Mick Jagger

Exclusive UK representation and comprehensive stocks of all NS Design instruments and accessories at the Acoustic Centre, with the best prices in Europe.

Whilst we endeavour to satisfy orders for standard WAV and NTXa Series instruments direct from stock, customers are advised to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery for orders of custom and high-end CR and EU models.

NS Design WAV4 Double Bass

NS Design WAV4 Double Bass£1,220.00   £1,125.00

NS Design WAV5 Double Bass

NS Design WAV5 Double Bass£1,375.00   £1,245.00

NS Design NXT4a Double Bass

NS Design NXT4a Double Bass£1,730.00   £1,525.00

NS Design NXT5a Double Bass

NS Design NXT5a Double Bass£1,860.00   £1,725.00

NS Design CR4 Double Bass

NS Design CR4 Double Bass£3,305.00   £3,295.00

NS Design CR5 Double Bass

NS Design CR5 Double Bass£3,490.00   £3,475.00

NS Design CR4T Double Bass

NS Design CR4T Double Bass£3,395.00   £3,375.00

NS Design CR5T Double Bass

NS Design CR5T Double Bass£3,745.00   £3,725.00

NS Design CR4M Double Bass

NS Design CR4M Double Bass£3,520.00   £3,375.00

NS Design CR5M Double Bass

NS Design CR5M Double Bass£3,885.00   £3,775.00

NS Design EU5 Double Bass

NS Design EU5 Double Bass£5,055.00   £4,995.00

NS Design EU6 Double Bass

NS Design EU6 Double Bass£5,055.00   £4,995.00

NS Design Bass Bow

NS Design Bass Bow£229.00   £225.00

NS Design Boomerang Strap System

NS Design Boomerang Strap System£125.00   £120.00

Currently Sold Out  Currently Sold Out

NS Design CR End Pin Stand

NS Design CR End Pin Stand£149.00   £135.00

Currently Sold Out  Currently Sold Out

NS Design Frame Strap System

NS Design Frame Strap System£169.00   £160.00