The U-Bass.. The Fun Size Travel Bass With A HUGE Sound.

With its small body (roughly the size of a baritone ukelele) and ultra-short 21" scale, the U-Bass has a cool bass uke-like look, and a stout, 12 fret neck that will make both bassists - and migrating guitarists - instantly comfortable.

At the heart of the U-Bass sound and feel is its unique strings. Slick and smooth, these custom made polyurethane strings tune up in 4ths just like a regular bass • E-A-D-G); their elasticity, low tension and super thick gauges are key to the U-Bass' gloriously rich, thudding tone which will make itself abundantly present, even when played acoustically.

But plugged-in, that's when this little beauty really starts to bring the thunder...

And with such tonal variety, too... driving the strings close to the neck delivers a fat, rounded, doghouse bass sound... dig in towards the bridge with your fingertips and you can coax out fluid, funky, flatwound-style ’60s R&B tones. The on-board active electronics • also featuring a built-in tuner) allow for further tonal detailing, with no feedback troubles even at high volumes, whilst the custom Hipshot tuners ensure that tuning remains stable even through long, enthusiastic, playing sessions... which are inevitable, given how much fun you're going to get from this massive sounding, super-flyweight bass.

Available with a choice of woods and appointments, with fretted, fretless and left handed options, the U-Bass is a serious, acoustic flavoured instrument that will appeal equally to experienced bassists looking to add some new colour to their tonal palette as well as to any musician on the move who needs a reliable, road-ready go-to bass for stage or studio.

Kala U-Bass - Spruce

Kala U-Bass - Spruce£429.00   £395.00

Kala U-Bass - Spruce - Fretless

Kala U-Bass - Spruce - Fretless£429.00   £395.00

Kala Rumbler U-Bass

Kala Rumbler U-Bass£445.00   £395.00

Aquila ShortBass-One Strings

Aquila ShortBass-One Strings£38.00

U-Bassists of the World Unite!

The charm of the U-Bass has already captivated an impressive and varied line-up of A-List players, proof positive that it is a thoroughly reliable pro-spec instrument, as well as heaps of fun to play...

Abraham Laboriel Sr.
Stevie Wonder, Lalo Schifrin

Nathan East
Daft Punk, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins

Hugh MacDonald
Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Alice Cooper

Zac Brown
Founder of the Zac Brown Band

Lee Sklar
James Taylor, Linda Rondstadt, Carole King

John Bentley
Longstanding bassist with Squeeze

Nik West
Prince, John Mayer, Dave Stewart

Stuart Hamm
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale

Tal Wilkenfeld
Jeff Beck, Macy Gray, Chick Corea

Esperanza Spalding
Grammy winning solo artist

Richard Jones
Welsh rockers Stereophonics

Ira Coleman
Sting, Herbie Hancock, Branford Marselis

Reggie McBride
Keb Mo, Aretha Franklin, James Brown

Bakithi Kumalo
Paul Simon, Cyndi Lauper, Chaka Khan

Phillip Bynoe
Steve Vai, G3, Michael Jackson