NS Design CR End Pin Stand

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The foldable NS CR End Pin Stand fits all NS Design Double Bass, Cello and Omni Bass models (CR, EU, NXT and WAV Series) and offers full freedom of movement - height, tilt and "right bout" angle are fully adjustable, providing a more conventional feel.

  • Fully adjustable for balance support
  • Point of contact with the floor makes for an easy adjustment of the instrument's weight over the tip
  • Balancing of  the instrument leaves both hands free for expressive play

Made of black finished steel and attaching to the instrument in the same manner as the stock tripod stands,  it features an adjustable padded waist support that allows the player to "lean into" the instrument, and for it to be positioned similar to that of an acoustic instrument. Adjustments for the pin can be made in all directions so that the instrument balances perfectly against the body without any support from the left hand. 

The End Pin Stand weighs 3kg (7lb) and fits easily in the instrument's padded gig bag or flight case.

NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing, with all NS Double Bass, Cello and Omni Bass models sharing a universal screw mount that is compatible with a variety of ground-breaking interchangeable stand and strap systems.

In addition, using the End Pin Stand Conversion Kit, the CR End Pin Stand Stand can be used in conjunction with the CR Tripod Stand to "park" the instrument for maximum flexibility, support & performance freedom.

Please note that this configuration cannot be used with the NXT Tripod Stand.


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