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Designed for the bass guitarist looking for upright bass performance characteristics, as well as for upright bassist looking for a more portable performance partner, the Omni Bass is a radical new electric bass that smashes conventional barriers, combining the tonal purity of the acoustic upright with the awesome power of a full-blown electric, resulting in the most versatile bass on the market today.

All CR Series Omni Bass models - 4 and 5 string, fretless and fretted - feature the familiar 34" bass guitar scale and use identical fingering to that of the conventional bass guitar, making them uniquely attractive to electric bass players seeking an authentic sounding "crossover" instrument that bridges the gap between electric and upright bass. The Omni Bass also calls to upright bassists and intrepid cellists who require a more portable, electric alternative and who seek to expand their expressive range and discover dynamic new plucked and bowed sounds.

From punchy, percussive attack to smooth, singing sustain, the NS Polar™ piezo pickup is the only system that allows the bassist to control the attack and decay of the plucked string. EMG magnetic pickups add classic electric sounds. The on-board pre-amp, EQ, and mixer allow the player full control of this wide tonal palette right from the instrument.

The Omni Bass responds to the bow with a natural and expressive voice, combining powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The strings are easily driven on both fretted and fretless models, making it possible for bassists with little bowing experience to add this beautiful dimension to their music.

Deep, resonant bass response is the essence of this remarkable new instrument. Whether plucked or bowed, the Omni Bass delivers pure, exciting acoustic and electric bass sounds that can be tailored to compliment virtually any musical style or gig.

34" Scale

The 34" scale length of the Omni Bass is the same as a standard electric bass. Tuned in fourths (E-A-D-G for the 4 string Omni Bass and B-E-A-D-G or E-A-D-G-C for the 5 string model), the fingering positions and spacing are identical to the bass guitar, and therefore immediately familiar to any bass player.

Hand Crafted Solid Maple Body & Neck

Hand-made in the Czech Republic to the highest standard by craftsmen steeped in a long tradition of classical instrument making, the Omni Bass sports a solid rock maple neck and body with a flame maple face, finished with a traditional amber stain and a clear, semi-gloss polymer coating. The neck has a traditional upright shape, but with extended access to the upper register of the fingerboard. The solid-body design enhances sustain and clarity, and is resistant to the effects of temperature change and humidity.


For customers who desire something even more special, all CR Series instruments are available to special order with a choice of gorgeous exotic wood tops or a striking Slate Grey flame finish.


TransRadius™ Fingerboard

All fretless Omni Bass models feature the NS TransRadius™ fingerboard which employs a unique compound curve to provide the comfort and ease of a nearly-flat profile as the fingerboard approaches the nut, while transitioning to a curvature optimized for either plucked or bowed performance at the bridge.

For a left-hand feel which is familiar to an experienced bass guitarist the radius at the nut is 9.25", whilst at the end of the fingerboard near the bridge the radius is just 2" — large enough to maintain good string-to-string articulation with the bow, yet still comfortable for pizzicato (plucked/picked) styles. The transition from nut to bridge features a carefully calibrated asymmetric convex curvature, providing optimal fingerboard relief at each position and facilitates an even 'growl' from the higher strings and a clear, powerful lower register.

The result is a remarkably comfortable, even feel for every style of performance. Bass guitarists will find the Omni Bass even more inviting than ever as a "cross-over" instrument, whilst traditional upright players will find the TransRadius design familiar since many upright basses are designed with some degree of compound fingerboard curvature.

For even greater control, players can adjust the two-way truss rod to tailor the neck relief to their particular needs.

Cascading Position Markers

Dots for each semi-tone cascade across the fingerboard, a unique configuration that provides a clear visual fingering reference. The logical dot pattern is of critical value to the novice player, and an invaluable reference guide for the seasoned pro.

Fretted Omni Bass variants sport conventional bass guitar style dot markers.

Polar™ Pickup System

The Polar™ Bridge Pickup System combines great sound with directional sensitivity for a rich and expressive response to both Arco and Pizzicato techniques allowing the player to optimize bowed response and to control attack and decay characteristics for plucking. The Omni Bass responds to the bow with a natural and expressive voice, combining powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The strings are easily driven, making it possible for bassists with little bowing experience to add this beautiful dimension to their music. In either mode, the deep bass and brilliant highs possible with piezo crystal technology give the instrument a beautiful, dynamic, and versatile sound. 

EMG™ Magnetic Pickups

Custom designed EMG low impedance magnetic pickups have a smooth response with lots of sweet midrange for the quintessential "electric" tone. Their relatively flat frequency response allows the natural sound of the instrument to project through. Each pickup is individually adjustable and internally shielded an internal preamp system for hum free performance.

Active Controls

Twin balance controls allow unlimited mixing options for the magnetic and dual mode Polar Pickup systems. The on-board pre-amplification provides a mono output signal with master volume, bass and treble EQ controls. An 18 volt power supply ensures plenty of headroom for full dynamics.

Note: For bowing, it is recommended to use the bridge pickup only in arco mode.

Interchangeable Support Systems

NS Boomerang Strap System

Standard issue with the Omni Bass, the Boomerang Strap System fits comfortably over the shoulder just like a guitar strap, with two adjustable articulated arms and a pivoting hub allowing the instrument to be placed in virtually any position, accommodating all playing styles.

An alternative Frame Strap System offers full mobility and amazing comfort, with a lightweight structure supported by a single shoulder strap that holds the bass out from the body in the correct positions for upright pizzicato and arco styles.

The optional, self-standing CR Tripod Stand provides stable fixed support for the instrument. Virtually any angle can be set whether you prefer standing or sitting. Alternatively, an End Pin Stand provides a more traditional upright bass feel and is easily adjustable so that the instrument remains evenly balanced without support. With the addition of the End Pin Conversion Kit  the Omni Bass plus End Pin assembly can be "parked" on the Tripod Stand, holding the instrument upright for on-stand performance or secured when not in use.

NS Omni Bass Strings by D'Addario™

The Omni Bass is equipped with a dedicated string set developed in collaboration with industry leaders D'Addario.

Featuring a stranded steel core with stainless steel and tungsten windings, these precision polished, low-tension, flatwound strings are effortless to play and uniquely responsive, producing singing highs and a deep low register with greatly minimized finger noise.

The bright pizzicato growl provides an authentic traditional acoustic tone, yet these strings deliver plenty of sustain and drive when you need it. They also respond much quicker to the bow than traditional bass strings, so an expressive bowing technique is easier to develop and maintain. 

The Omni Bass is also designed to accommodate any standard long scale bass guitar strings, adding unlimited set up options for musicians who want to explore and create their own unique sound.


A padded gig bag is included as standard, featuring a stand compartment, bow compartment, accessory pocket, handle and adjustable strap. Loaded weight is 6kg (15.2lb) including stand, and it will fit in the overhead luggage bin of most commercial aircraft.

An optional custom flight case is also available to order, constructed from aluminum edged plywood and measuring 145cm x 25cm x 25cm (57" x 10" x 10") with loaded weight of approximately 18kg (40lb) including stand.

Construction Solid rock maple neck and body, with flame maple face
Finish Traditional amber stain with clear semi-gloss polymer coating
Fingerboard Richlite™ hand graduated TransRadius™ fingerboard, intonation referenced with cascading dot markers and side dots / Radius: 51mm (2") / Length: 68.6cm (27.5")
Bridge Phenolic / Radius: 5.6mm (2.2") / String spacing: 7cm (2.75")
Nut Ebony / Radius: 51mm (2") / String spacing: 3.3cm (1.31")
Bridge Pickup NS Polar™ directional piezo pick-up system
Magnetic Pickup Low impedance EMG™ magnetic pickups, with individually adjustable coils and low-noise, hum-canceling pre-amp
Electronics 18 volt active circuit by EMG™
Controls Rotary volume / Rotary magnetic/Polar Pickup blend / Rotary Polar Pickup Balance (pizzicato/arco modes) / Rotary treble and bass cut/boost
Truss Rod Double rod design, accessible at nut for precise relief adjustment
Tuning Machines Schaller 20:1 ratio, heavy duty, fully encased worm gear tuners, black finish
Length 113cm (44.5")
Width 15cm (6")
Thickness 10cm (4")
Weight 3.23kg (7.2lb)
Scale Length 34" (86.4cm)
Strings NS Design/D'Addario NS710 flatwound, medium tension, stranded steel core strings
Strap INCLUDED NS Boomerang Strap System
Gig Bag INCLUDED Padded gig bag with handle, back-pack style strap and external compartments for bows, stand and accessories
WOOD/FINISH OPTIONS Quilted maple, poplar burl, zebrawood, or Slate Gray finish available to special order
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN New Bohemia Electric Corp., Czech Republic
NS Polar™ Pickup

All NS Design electric concert instruments are equipped with the dual-mode Polar™ Pickup System, a remarkable innovation that allows players to select the direction of response to control attack, sustain, and bow response characteristics. The result is an exciting new dimension in string instrument performance, featuring a rich full sound, powerful dynamics, enhanced bow sensitivity, sustained pizzicato and extended versatility.

As a player, you may not think about the direction your strings are vibrating, or even be aware that string vibrations on a musical instrument are polarized in relation to the fingerboard and the motion of the plectrum and bow. Yet direction is one of the most significant factors influencing the tone and response of a stringed instrument — In fact, instruments from the violin family differ from the lute or guitar in large part due to the effects of string polarization.

The bow drives the string back and forth in the direction of the bow, while at the same time suppressing the up and down vibration. You can see this effect with the naked eye by watching the broad excursion of the lowest strings when bowed. From the front, you can see a wide lateral pattern of string vibration, but looking from the side you can see almost no pattern at all. Instruments in the violin family have a tall bridge which, in combination with an asymmetric support structure of bass bar and sound post, efficiently translates the sideways motion of the bowed string into sound.

The Polar Pickup responds with a high degree of lateral sensitivity and vertical rejection that is specifically tailored to mirror the polarity of the bowed string. The result is a remarkably dynamic, rich tone that responds effortlessly to the bow.

The system also takes this concept one step further, being able to switch from lateral to vertical sensitivity, which is ideal for pizzicato. Unlike the violin, a flat top guitar or lute responds in the vertical direction, minimising the plucked attack and storing energy for longer sustain. In the vertical mode the attack is controlled for a sustained, singing pizzicato response. The lateral mode has the opposite effect, and the plucked response is extraordinarily percussive, like a traditional bowed instrument, only more so. This dual capacity allows the player to control attack and decay, adding limitless new expressive potential to the violin family.

On EU and CR Series instruments, active bass and treble EQ controls combine with the Polar Pickup to provide tremendous tonal range. Additional magnetic pickups, switching and associated pre-amp circuitry vary from model to model.

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