NS510 Cello Strings

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Designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, D'Addario NS Electric Cello strings are designed to enhance the expressive range of tone for even the most discerning players and, whilst made specifically for NS-designed electric instruments, can also be used on acoustic instruments.

  • Stranded steel core provides optimum playability and produces a clear, warm tone
  • Fast, flexible, and responsive
  • Medium tension
  • Pairs exceptionally well with a wide variety of instrument types and musical styles
  • Groundbreaking core technology pioneered by D'Addario
  • All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

This standard 4 string set is tuned in fifths (A-D-G-C). Additionally, high E and low F single strings are available for five and string NS cellos, or for alternate tunings.​

NS Electric Cello Strings (NS510) • Playing Length = 70mm / 27.5"
Individual String Note Core Winding Tension (lbs)
NS511 A Stranded Steel Stainless Steel 35.6
NS512 D Stranded Steel Tungsten 32
NS513 G Stranded Steel Tungsten 29.4
NS514 C Stranded Steel Tungsten 28.8
NS515 E Stranded Steel Stainless Steel 42.7
NS716 Low F Stranded Steel Tungsten 27

NS Electric Traditional Double Bass Strings (NS610)

Playing Length = 1060mm / 41.75"

Individual String




Tension (lbs)

NS611 G • Sol       Stranded Steel Nickel


NS612 D - Ré Stranded Steel Nickel


NS613 A - La Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


NS614 E - Mi Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


NS616 LOW B - Si Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


NS617 HIGH C - Do Solid Steel Nickel


CR Series

Sophisticated and versatile instruments, built to deliver outstanding performance.

NXTa Series

Featuring innovative, custom built, high performance, battery-free active electronics.

WAV Series

Affordable passive instruments featuring NS Design's Polar™ Pickup System.

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