Acoustic Collection

Acoustic Magazine Reviews The AC Stadium

Sunday, 11 October 2015  |  Dave Good

In the October edition of UK publication, Acoustic Magazine,  Sam Wise gets to grips with the brand new Stadium model from the Acoustic Centre's very own Acoustic Collection, and we're happy to say, finds plenty to love about its idiosyncratic styling and rich tone.

"It gave its best when we picked it, with plenty of space to hear the honeyed sweetness of those harmonics"

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The New Acoustic Collection Arrives

Thursday, 11 June 2015  |  Dave Good

Designed by The Acoustic Centre, London, England, The Acoustic Collection is a brand new range of pro-grade, electro-acoustic instruments featuring solid, seasoned tone woods, cool, classical stylings and premium quality Fishman® Electronics, making it a compelling and affordable choice for the modern acoustic musician.



With their striking period appointments, this distinctive quartet is clearly inspired by instruments from a more polite age, but the rugged build quality, uncompromising tonal response and thoroughly up-to-date Fishman pickup system make these guitars perfect for today's road warriors... garage blues wailers, rootsy singer songwriters, full-on country blasters, power pop balladeers, edgy indie rockers and alt-folk troubadours will all find a model to suit them here.

Each of the four models sports all-solid wood construction and astutely balanced tonal response, designed to fulfill the requirements of artists of all musical persuasions and to deliver superb natural acoustic sound in any unplugged setting, from coffee bar to festival field. For the additional demands of modern high volume, high definition performance environments, the loaded Fishman under-saddle pickup and on-board preamp ensure excellent reproduction whether you're tearing it up on stage or tracking in the studio.

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