Elites Danny Thompson Double Bass Strings

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New for 2013, The Bass Centre and Danny Thompson have collaborated to produce a very special, signature set of double bass strings that recognises and celebrates the great man's vision, talent and passion.

Now, with Danny's guidance, enthusiasm and inspiration, Elites provide excellence to upright bass players... with a set of strings that deliver superb playability, balance, tone, durability and freedom of expression.

Features - Medium tension, multi-strand ropecore with nickel windings.

Danny Thompson is quite simply a legend in modern music...

Widely recognised by music fans and fellow musicians as one of the World’s finest double bass players, Danny has enjoyed a remarkable career spanning six decades, in which he has lent his considerable skills to performances on record and in concert with an astonishingly diverse array of artists, including Josh White, Roy Orbison, Little Walter, Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Donovan, Ralph McTell, Sandy Denny, Marc Bolan, Kate Bush, David Sylvian, Talk Talk, Eric Bibb, Everything But The Girl, as well as jazz greats; Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Stan Tracey, John McLaughlin, Art Farmer, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Williams and Mark Murphy. 

From his unique contributions to the archetypal folk-rock supergroup, Pentangle and to Alexis Korner’s revolutionary Blues Incorporated, through his successful and enduring collaborations with maverick troubadours John Martyn and Richard Thompson to his own wildly eclectic and dynamic solo work, Danny has continued to expand the rhythmic and melodic possibilities of the acoustic bass, drawing on his life experiences and disparate influences to produce music that is by turns sombre and melancholy, enchanting and uplifting, joyous and lyrical... always inspiring and always driven by his passion for creativity and for life... true music from the the heart.

Elites Strings are proud to be part of this collaboration with Danny Thompson, to produce a signature set of Double Bass Strings that recognises and celebrates the great man’s vision, talent and passion.

Since 1985, the comprehensive range of Elites Bass Guitar Strings has been manufactured to the exacting specifications of The Bass Centre, London, England - the undisputed spiritual home of the UK bass playing community. Meticulously crafted, using only the highest grade raw materials, Elites matched sets are gauged according to our experience and communication with top players throughout the World... Consequently, we feel that Elites represent the finest bass guitar strings available... 

Now, with Danny’s guidance, enthusiasm and inspiration, Elites Double Bass Strings provide the same excellence to upright bass players... with a set of strings that offer superb playability, balance, tone, durability and freedom of expression.

Elites Danny Thompson Signature Series

Jazzwise Magazine | September 2012

We know that this Elites set has been in the melting pot for some time and the R&D has been extensive - if not exhaustive! And with the input and endorsement of one of the world’s top players, expectations were high.

We pulled out our 3/4 ‘20’s German bass and happily took off what was a rather tired, lack lustre set. These Elites are a good deal lighter than a ‘normal’ upright bass set, which certainly helps with re-stringing in the box.

Even though our bass is a 3/4, this DT set came to pitch at a higher tension which meant that playing across the strings was a challenge. Needless to say, you could adjust the height of the bridge of the instrument if you wanted to bring the strings to the fingerboard, but that of course is purely down to personal choice. DT has a strong left hand and digs in, so strings at this height would suit him fine.

First impressions: they’re loud, quite bright and speak really well - the harmonics sing. They also have a fantastic tone and they’re very clean and clear. We tried arco, and the full set responded with a beautiful rich, warm resonance. Plugging in to the Gallien Kreuger was a dream. When amplified these strings somehow retain their natural acoustic qualities with no discernable ‘electric’ colour. 

Definitely worth waiting for!

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