The Omni Bass - formerly known as the NS Bass Cello - is an astonishingly versatile, compact, modern, hybrid instrument with an electric bass guitar's familiar 34" scale length combined with the curved bridge and fingerboard of an upright bass. Using the included NS Boomerang Strap System, the Omni Bass can be switched on the fly between being played vertically like a double bass, or horizontally like a bass guitar with either pizzicato or arco techniques.

The Omni Bass' sonic range is phenomenal, courtesy of ns design's ingenious Polar™ Pickup System. This pair of bridge mounted transducers can be switched from lateral sensitivity, to match the vibration pattern of bowed strings, to vertical sensitivity for pizzicato playing... delivering either warm, powerful electric tones, the low end growl of a upright bass or piercing arco cello... and everything in between.

Both the CR Series & NXT Series Omni Bass models are hand crafted in the Czech Republic and available in 4 & 5 string versions. The CR Range also includes the option of a fretted fingerboard and features EMG pickups as standard. These magnetic pickups, in combination with the Polar Pickup System, offer virtually unlimited tonal possibilities.

Whichever option you choose, the NS Omni Bass is versatile enough to be used for any style of music, and sets a challenge to players to create some new ones.

Doug Wimbish
Tackhead • Living Colour

Gustav Fjelstrom
Solo Artist • Botched

Bakithi Kumalo
Paul Simon • Tedeschi-Trucks

Adrian Stout
The Tiger Lillies

James "Hutch" Hutchinson
Bonnie Raitt • Neville Brothers

Pat Badger
Extreme • Badger

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NS Design CR4 Omni Bass

NS Design CR4 Omni Bass£2,385.00   £2,450.00

NS Design CR4F Omni Bass - Fretted

NS Design CR4F Omni Bass - Fretted£2,475.00   £2,450.00

NS Design CR5 Omni Bass

NS Design CR5 Omni Bass£2,538.00   £2,600.00

NS Design CR5F Omni Bass - Fretted

NS Design CR5F Omni Bass - Fretted£2,628.00   £2,600.00

NS Design NXT4 Omni Bass

NS Design NXT4 Omni Bass£1,250.00   £1,160.00

NS Design NXT5 Omni Bass

NS Design NXT5 Omni Bass£1,340.00   £1,260.00