The NS Cello - available in a choice of CR Series and NXT variants with 4 or 5 string options - is capable of replicating the delicate and precise tones of its traditional acoustic cousin, as well as allowing remarkable tone shaping through its innovative Polar™ piezo pickup system. 

Guaranteed to inspire, its compact, elegant design, portability, resistance to temperature and humidity changes and its exceptional direct amplification and recording capabilities make this instrument one worthy of both the concert stage and recording studio.

With the cello now an important element in modern rock, indie folk and electronica, the NS Cello is the perfect choice for cellists wishing to make their rich voice heard in a high volume, contemporary setting. A choice of three interchangeable NS support systems further provides unparalleled freedom of expression and movement in any performance setting.

Radina Tara Ver

Tony Levin
King Crimson • Peter Gabriel

Jenn Adams
Montana Skies

Claire Courchene
American Idol • Josh Groban

Buffi Jacobs
Polyphonic Spree • Rockestra

Grace Chatto
Clean Bandit

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NS Design CR4 Cello

NS Design CR4 Cello£2,359.00   £2,200.00

NS Design CR5 Cello

NS Design CR5 Cello£2,539.00   £2,250.00

NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design CR6 Cello£2,668.00   £2,300.00

NS Design NXT4 Cello

NS Design NXT4 Cello£1,223.00   £1,080.00

NS Design NXT5 Cello

NS Design NXT5 Cello£1,411.00   £1,170.00

NS Design NXT4F Cello - Fretted

NS Design NXT4F Cello - Fretted£1,539.00   £1,080.00

NS Design NXT5F Cello - Fretted

NS Design NXT5F Cello - Fretted£1,710.00   £1,170.00

NS Design Cello Bow

NS Design Cello Bow£265.00