Customer Testimonials

25 October 2020  |  Paul

Perfect! Thank you!

Best service
25 October 2020  |  Paul

Best and friendly service! I‘ll come back to you for sure.

Plays well, sounds good
18 September 2017  |  Colin

Plays well, sounds good. Put lighter strings on it so it plays even better for me.

For a small instrument it is easy to 'capo up'. Looking forward to my first gig to fully test it in an amplified situation, though it sounds good in the home.

I was a bit surprised at the bright red tinge which wasn't quite mahogany. Still looks good.

Speedy service!
22 May 2017  |  Werner

Even in the face of the dawning Brexit, I am sure my friends from the Acoustic Centre will keep up their reliable service for us Continentals!

Can hardly tell you how much I love the Veillette Gryphon - it's a constant source of inspiration.

Thanks & Cheers,


A miracle instrument
29 October 2016  |  Fred

You can only love this guitar!

A miracle instrument for dreamers! Thank you.

(Nearly) Perfect
28 January 2016  |  Richard

Electric violins are a new area for me. After some research I felt an NS would be best due to its size, design, easy stringing, tuning stability & overall build/sound quality.

Barry at TAC was extremely helpful in answering my questions.

I can say that I am very pleased indeed with the violin. Although a 'passive' instrument, it plugs straight into the microphone socket on my keyboard & the amplified sound is great, as is the tone control. I am able to obtain tones which range from traditional classic to folk.

The only downside is the shoulder rest... getting it into a comfortable position is fairly straightforward. However, whatever I do, the rest persists in moving when I'm playing.

Anyone at TAC got any ideas about how to put this right? If it wasn't for that, I would have given this a 5 star review as the violin itself certainly deserves it.

Cute lute!
06 November 2015  |  David

Very impressed with this little guitar. Well-made and sounds wonderful. I am especially happy about the tuners, which feel very smooth with a high gear ratio to allow very accurate adjustments to the unison strings.

My own personal preference for looser strings and the range of my singing voice made me de-tune the guitar from D down to Bb which now puts it right where I would normally use a capo on a regular guitar.

Very pleased with this purchase and my experience at Acoustic Centre. Many thanks!

05 November 2015  |  David

Just received the Veillette Avante Gryphon today. I much appreciated the free EU postage with UPS who delivered to this little corner of the world very quickly.

The instrument itself is wonderful. The wound strings are a bit heavier gauge than I like but I can change that myself. This is a beautiful, quirky piece that will be a great creative inspiration in the years to come. Many thanks!!! I am very happy with all aspects of this purchase.

BTW... You have Brian May to thank for bringing my attention to this special guitar. I saw him with it on his site demonstrating a mic clamp and immediately knew I had to try this little 12-string.

Dave Thomas • Estonia