Babicz Steven Wilson Signature Model

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Steven Wilson with Ninet Tayeb

Steven performs David Bowie's "Space Oddity" at London's Hammersmith Apollo 27th January 2016

"It's a really beautiful instrument. It sounds good, feels wonderful to play and it looks incredibly striking. I'm very proud to have my name on it" Steven Wilson • Summer 2016

Steven Wilson - Porcupine Tree frontman, hugely successful solo artist and "king of prog rock"- has long been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of Babicz guitars, with the revolutionary Identity Series Dreadnought famously being his main acoustic stage instrument for over a decade.

To celebrate, the boldly experimental British artist was invited by Jeff Babicz, one of the USA's most forward thinking guitar builders, to help create a brand new signature instrument.

Based on Steven's preferred cutaway design and engineered to his exacting standards, the result is a striking guitar that combines slick good looks with consummate construction, superior performance and unparalleled versatility, employing the full complement of cutting edge Babicz innovations to maximum effect.

Describing it as "fundamental to the show" this is the exact same instrument that Steven has used in all his live performances since the release of his wildly acclaimed 2015 solo album, the soulful and immersive masterpiece "Hand. Cannot. Erase."

The Babicz ID Series Steven Wilson Signature Model Features

  • Solid Engelmann Spruce Soundboard
  • Solid Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Solid Rosewood 25.5" Scale Fingerboard
  • Steven Wilson Black Face Signature Headstock
  • Rounded Body Cutaway
  • Babicz Continually Adjustable Neck
  • Babicz Torque Reducing Split Bridge
  • Babicz Lateral Compression Soundboard
  • L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Anthem Dual Pickup/Preamp System
  • Gold Auto-Trim Locking Tuners
  • Black Satin Finish Top & Headstock
  • Black Gloss Finish Body & Neck
  • Black Satin Finish Top
  • Black Satin Finish "Steven Wilson" Signature Headstock
  • Engraved "Steven Wilson" 12th Fret Marker Inlay
  • Exclusive "Steven Wilson" Portrait Soundhole Label
  • Babicz Custom Arched Top, Hard Shell Case

Babicz Lateral Compression Soundboard

One of the most striking features of the Babicz concept is the manner in which the strings span out from the bridge assembly to attach to the bottom of the soundboard. Of course, it looks awesomely cool, but far from being a mere visual hook or gimmick, the revolutionary idea is entirely functional.

With this design, Jeff Babicz has been able able to achieve a more lateral tension pattern spread over a wider area of the guitar, "energizing" the soundboard (akin to tightening a drum head) resulting in full-bodied sound quality. Another attributing factor to this guitar’s great sound is that with the string tension being disbursed across the soundboard instead of anchored in the bridge, less structural bracing is required inside the instrument, allowing the soundboard to vibrate more freely and produce a purer, natural acoustic tone.

Babicz Continually Adjustable Neck

All Jeff Babicz guitars are equipped with this revolutionary neck joint system, which allows the player to quickly adjust the guitar's string height on the fly, with a simple turn of an included Allen key, to accommodate any playing style required. This is all achieved without knocking the guitar out of tune or altering the intonation. The system allows you to instantly change action for delicate fingerpicking to bluegrass banging to beefy slide action in just seconds, then crank the neck back down in less time than it takes to introduce the next tune.

Torque Reducing Split Bridge

Like the other innovative Babicz appointments, this unique system is strictly functional and serves three important purposes...

  • Separated into two pieces ('Bridge' and 'Retainer'), the assembly helps reduce forward rotational torque.
  • The bridge is adjustable for intonation because it is not glued to the soundboard but instead attached by special fasteners.
  • The retainer serves to keep the strings in perfect alignment to the bridge.

L.R. Baggs Electrics

The Steven Wilson Signature Model features the incredible Stage Pro Anthem system which combines L.R. Baggs' Tru•Mic Technology pickup and Element™ under-saddle piezo pickup with a side-mounted preamp/EQ. This versatile system delivers incredible Tru•Mic fidelity, along with the presence and snap of the high-quality, award-winning Element pickup.

  • Dual Pickup System Includes Tru•Mic Pickup & Element Transducer
  • Mix Pickup Blend Control
  • Volume, Bass & Treble Controls
  • On-board Digital Tuner
  • Phase Inversion Button
  • Easy Click-lock Battery Access 
  • Stereo/Mono Output

Babicz ID Series Steven Wilson Signature Model

 Body  Solid Rosewood Back & Sides with Rounded Body Cutaway
 Top  Solid Engelmann Spruce Babicz Lateral Compression Soundboard (U.S. Pat. # 7,112,733)
 Finish  Catalysed Urethane (Top: Black Satin / Body & Neck : Black Gloss)
 Neck  Mahogany, 'C' Contour Babicz Continually Adjustable Neck (U.S. Pat. # 7,157,634) with Dual Action Truss Rod
 Fingerboard  Solid Rosewood with Dot Inlays & Engraved "Steven Wilson" 12th Fret Marker
 Bridge  Solid Rosewood, Adjustable Babicz Torque Reducing Split Bridge (U.S. Pat. # 7,534,945)
 Headstock  Black Satin Finish Facing with "Steven Wilson" Signature Inlay
 Soundhole Decal  Exclusive "Steven Wilson" Portait Label
 Pickup  L.R. Baggs Tru•Mic Technology Pickup + Element Under-Saddle Transducer
 Electronics  L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Anthem On-Board Preamp
 Hardware  Gold Trap Plate & String Anchors
 Tuners  Gold Auto-Trim Locking Tuners
 Saddle  Tusq
 Scale Length  25.5"
 Nut Width  4.44cm (1.75") Tusq Nut
 Lower Bout Width  40cm (15.75")
 Body Depth  12.4cm (4.875")
 Origin  Constructed in Indonesia, under Exclusive License
 Extras  Babicz Custom Arch Top Fitted Hard Shell Case
 Warranty  3 Years

L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Anthem Preamp

 Size  8.9cm x 7.1cm x 5.6cm (3.5" x 2.8" x 2.2")
 Weight  179g (5.75oz) Including Battery
 Battery  Single 9 volt
 Current Consumption  Preamp: 5mA / Tuner : 14mA
 Battery Life  100+ Hours
 Bass  +/- 8 dB @ 80 Hz
 Treble  +/- 12dB
 Signal to Noise  -90 dB Unweighted
 Input Impedance  Pickup : -100 MegaOhms / Mic : -4.7k Ohms
 Output Impedance  620 Ohms
 Notch Filter  off to 320 Hz (Sweepable), 1/8 Octave, fixed -18 dB

Acoustic Magazine (UK) Alun Lower • Summer 2016

"A mastery of physics combined with a knowledge and passion for music has resulted in a guitar that is both technically astounding and musically inspiring... and that's really genuinely incredible."

Stephen Wilson

The Porcupine Tree maestro talks about Babicz Guitars.

Stephen Wilson Live at Hammersmith

Steven performs David Bowie's "Space Oddity" with his Signature Model at London's Hammersmith Apollo, 27th January 2016.

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