Avante Baritone Six - Clear Finish

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Veillette Guitars, led by veteran luthier Joe Veillette, has established a international reputation for innovation and excellence with an astonishing canon of limited-run, high-quality, hand-crafted instruments that deliver exceptional playability and unique tonal range. Informed by Joe's 40 year career as a engineer, master craftsman and performer and developed through his willingness to play with scale lengths and string tensions, the self-styled "king of weird sh*t" has rightfully earned his moniker as the driving force behind a product line that includes some of the world's most inventive acoustic designs.

Of course, such sumptuously crafted instruments inevitably come with a price tag well north of the reach of many guitarists, which is why The Acoustic Centre is so pleased to be the exclusive UK representative of the brand new Avante imprint - serious guitars, of professional quality, priced for the working musician.

Manufactured in Korea under exclusive license, these instruments don't just look like a Veillette guitar, they truly perform like one. Every single element - from the bracing, frets, and neck shape to the control locations and pickup type - has been guided by Joe Veillette's meticulous eye for detail, ensuring that Avante guitars retain the unique characteristics of their premium, bespoke namesakes, whilst collecting their versatility, tonality and personality into a far more affordable package.

Avante Baritone Six

Baritone guitars have long been a Veillette speciality and, informed by years of experimentation, this new Avante model has been designed from the ground up to be a fully independent, affordable, alternative to a standard tuned acoustic guitar. With every detail - from intonation and string tension to scale length and body construction - painstakingly refined the result is an immensely satisfying and uniquely inviting instrument on its own right.

Featuring a solid Mahogany body and Sitka Spruce top, the Avante Baritone Six has a deep, perfectly defined voice with superb projection. The Veillette trademark offset sound holes work especially well to let the lower frequencies speak clearly and forcefully. In addition, the enhanced structural strength of the continuous grain between bridge and neck means that the internal bracing is lighter and less rigid, allowing the top to be considerably more responsive and capable of outstanding bottom-end power and clarity.

The 27.6" scale length is optimally matched to Veillette's custom-designed string sets and, in conjunction with the use of a zero-fret, the result is flawless intonation and smooth playability that any guitarist will immediately feel comfortable with.

Perfect for ensemble or solo performance, unplugged or amplified, the resonant, dry, almost piano-like tone of the Baritone Six transforms even the most common chord shapes and fingerpicking patterns into something powerful and majestic. Digging in with a flatpick further unleashes the instrument's lush, full growling bass and satisfyingly massive sustain.

Whatever your style, from americana to alternative rock, the Avante Bartone's deep, clear voice, rich with dynamic overtones, will inspire new ways to express your creativity.

Handcrafted under exclusive license, The Avante Baritone Six features...

  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Solid Sapele Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Piezo Transducer with Active Preamp
  • 27.6" (70cm) Scale
  • 19.25" (48.9cm) Body Length
  • Choice of Clear or Retro Burst Finishes
  • Complete with Custom Veillette Soft Case
 Tuning  B - E - A - D - F# - B
 Body  Solid Sapele Mahogany
 Top  Solid Sitka Spruce
 Finish  Choice of Clear or RetroBurst Gloss Finish
 Neck  Mahogany
 Binding  Ebony
 Fingerboard  Rosewood
 Frets  21 (14 to Body) + Zero Fret
 Fret Markers  Side Dots Only
 Bridge  Rosewood
 Tuners  Black Chrome
 Pickup  Piezo Transducer + Active Preamp with Volume & Tone Controls in Soundhole
 Scale Length  70.28 cm (27.67")
 Nut Width  4.92 cm (1.94")
 String Spacing @ Bridge  6.05 cm (2.375")
 Overall Length  104 cm (41")
 Body Length  48.9 cm (19.25")
 Upper Bout  27.9 cm (11")
 Lower Bout  40.32 cm (15.875")
 Body Depth @ Neck Heel  9.84 cm (3.875")
 Body Depth @ Tail Block  12 cm (4.75")
 Extras  Custom Fitted Veillette Soft Case included

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