Ortega D-Walker Electro Acoustic Bass-White

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"The neck is smooth, the small size unavoidably charming... you'll find yourself grinning as soon as you pick it up"

Joel McIver • Bass Guitar Magazine • June 2012

Small, perfectly formed, and constructed to a seriously high standard, the new Ortega D-Walker is a welcome addition to the growing ranks of travel-sized acoustic basses on the market.

With its ultra-short custom scale, lightweight construction, cool, modern cutaway design, smooth neck finish and expertly fretted rosewood fingerboard, the D-Walker is ready to travel, pleasing on the eye and comfortable, fun and expressive in action, with a full range of tone and versatility.

The Ortega Deep Traveller D-Walker Features

  • Custom Short Scale - 24.6" (625mm)
  • 20 Frets
  • Cutaway Agathis Body
  • Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • B-Band R-Series Ribbed Under-Saddle Transducer + A 1.2 Preamp System
  • Custom Wound Ortega ODW-4 Strings
  • Includes Deluxe Padded Nylon Gig Bag & Adjustable Strap
  • Meets most airline carry-on requirements

Ortega Custom Wound ODW-4 Strings 

The D-Walker range is fitted with Ortega's own proprietary, short scale bass strings. Custom made in Germany, the balanced set (.043 - .059 - .071 - 080) features silver-plated windings on nylon silk, with the strings and tension specially designed for bass instruments with a maximum scale length of 630mm/24.8"'.

B-Band A1.2 Pickup System

B-Band's R-Series Under Saddle Transducer, constructed from super-durable, ribbed Emfit® film, delivers unparalleled sound quality, true transparent acoustic reproduction and enhanced string-to-string balance. Its flexible, contiguous structure ends in a socket connector that provides a neat, solder-free connection to the onboard active electronics. 

The discrete and exceptionally light-weight single input A1.2 preamp has a direct frequency response with 24dB of gain, making it a perfect fit with the B-Band UST. The A1.2's active electronics are mounted in a compact tube coupled directly to a high quality endpin jack with an easy access 9V battery holder and single volume control.

The A1.2 now features B-Band's patented HZZZLess™ preamp circuitry which integrates with B-Band pickups more closely, significantly reducing signal noise and also increasing the signal output for a clean and loud, tonally pure response.

  • R-Series Emfit® film Under-Saddle Pickup
  • Lightweight A1.2 Jack Mounted Preamp
  • Sound Hole Mounted Volume Control
  • Box-Tight Battery Holder
  • HZZLess Low Noise / High Output Circuit
  • High Quality Endpin Output Jack
  • Solder-Free Pickup Connector
  • 750 Hours Average Battery Life
  • 9 volt Phantom Power Option
 Body  Agathis
 Finish  High Gloss Solid Colour - Black, Red or White - with Contrasting Binding
 Neck  Mahogany with 2-way Truss Rod
 Fingerboard  Rosewood with Ortega "XII" 12ft Fret Inlay
 Frets  20 Medium
 Bindings  ABS Bound Body & Neck
 Bridge  Rosewood
 Nut  Bone
 Scale Length  625mm (24.6")
 Neck Width  @ Nut : 44mm (1.73")/ @ 12th Fret : 54mm (2.13")
 String Spacing  @ Bridge : 17mm (0.67")
 Pickup/Electronics  B-Band A1.2 Active System (9v) with 1 x Volume Control
 Weight  1.6kg (3.52lbs)
 Strings  Ortega D-Walker ODW-4 Short Scale Bass Strings (Silver Plated Wound On Nylon Silk, Custom Made in Germany)
 Tuners  Ortega Custom Enclosed Gear Die-Cast Tuners with Gloss Black Finish
 Extras  Deluxe Padded Gig Bag & Custom Ortega Strap
 Country Of Origin  People's Republic Of China

Ortega D-Walker An acoustic bass that punches above its weight...

  Joel McIver | Bass Guitar Magazine | June 2013

What the world needs is a really small bass that makes a really huge sound. That would solve most of humanity’s problems as far as we’re concerned. Who could care about the collapse of the global economy or the fate of the bumblebee when you could simply strap on a small box to your chest and blast out a sub-bass part that would get people shaking their booty within a 100-mile radius?

Well, Ortega’s frankly tiny D-Walker acoustic is the closest that Western technology has come to such a goal. Make no mistake: although it looks and weighs like the £25 starter bass which you bought your six-year-old kid last Christmas, any resemblance is purely superficial.

What we have here is an eminently playable, and more importantly usable, bass guitar with a full range of tones and bags of versatility.

But will it meet our significant expectations?

Build Quality

The D-Walker may look like a fun instrument, but that price tag of around 400 quid is no joke when the bass it pays for is this small. And make no mistake, this really is a teensy instrument, with a scale length barely over 24 inches, which means that it needs to provide serious quality to justify its price. Fortunately, we were unable to find anything to complain about when it came to its construction. When you pick up a bass this small, your brain is pre-programmed to shout ‘novelty instrument!’ and as such you’re almost certain to find something that doesn’t feel like a ‘real’ bass. Instead, we have a solid, if very lightweight, guitar that has been constructed with obvious attention to detail from the fret ends to the neck finish. 

Sounds & Playability

The D-Walker knocks every single prejudice you ever had about travel/short-scale instruments into the proverbial cocked hat. The action on our review model was set perfectly, allowing you mid to high register runs with an ease that is genuinely rare on an acoustic bass of any size. The neck finish is smooth and the small size of the body and neck unavoidably charming : you’ll find yourself grinning as soon as you pick it up. If you’re expecting serious bass frequencies, of course, forget it: this little bass simply doesn’t have the necessary size or string length, so if you’reafter stomach-churning low end, expect to invest in some serious amplification. If you’re soloing, though, or playing in an acoustic act, consider it.


Acoustic bass players have plenty of choice nowadays when it comes to bass guitars: the pages of this magazine testify to that. As with electric basses, whether the Ortegas are right for you is largely down to individual feel, and in almost no other example is feel more relevant than here. The D-Walker is tiny, a fact which some players will love and others detest: its lack of a real bottom end may deter you, or it may not. Try before we buy, we say, but if you buy, you’re unlikely to regret it. 

What We Think

  • Plus : D-Walker is fun from start to finish
  • Cons : Tone range is limited 
  • Overall : Giving low to mid-budget acoustic basses a touch of real class 

BGM Rating

  • Build Quality : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • Sound Quality : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • Value : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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